Success story

Restructuring of an automotive supplier company in a severe cash flow stress situation


The Company, the main manufacturer of car window rubber, entered into a serious cash flow situation without knowing the origin or cause of the situation. Consequently, it did not know the next steps to be taken and the parent company was not prepared to provide financing without knowing the real situation of the company.

How we helped:

  • The treasury was intervened to control cash flow tensions.
  • The company’s entire production process was modelled in order to understand where the problems came from and to be able to make different scenarios for decision-making.


  • Major shortcomings were identified (significant transport costs between the different production lines and factories, high waste, high absenteeism, unprofitable manufacturing costs, etc.).
  • A proposal for measures was made and the model was used to determine the most beneficial restructuring to carry out.
  • Funding was obtained from the parent company.