Success story

Reduction in the workforce due to the reduction of activity of a company engaged in the manufacture of components for wind turbines


The Company operates in the renewable energy market, which is characterized by being very dynamic and changing, highly dependent on country regulations, with great pressure on prices and where efficiency is key to be competitive. The Company had been observing a contraction in the demand for its products, and it was estimated that this situation would continue, given that the geographic markets to which the products were directed were going to be reduced in the following years. This forced the Company to adapt the production capacity of one of its production plants to the expected demand.

How we helped:

During the project:

  • We analyzed the market where the Company was operating, studying all the market characteristics and trends that were impacting its activity, margins and results.
  • We analyzed the demand and production of the production plant in recent years and the forecasts for the following months/years, as well as the assumptions taken into account.
  • We sized the workforce required for the new optimal production levels of the main product of the production plant, which was the one that was being reduced.
  • We analyzed the Company’s results, without and taking the proposed measures.

Following the preparation of the technical report:

  • We attended meetings with the works council of the Company’s production plant, with the complexity of being in a hostile environment, which made the course of negotiations difficult.
  • We attended the lawsuit as expert witnesses to defend the report and answer questions from all parties.


An agreement was reached with the Works Council, except for one union, which did not sign the agreement.
The Company was able to successfully carry out a collective layoff in one of its production plants, thus adapting it to its current and expected activity levels.
The lawsuit filed by a union against the Company was dismissed.