We believe that companies have a key role to play in environmental awareness, having the ability to change the environment and help create a sustainable ecosystem.

Sustainable forests

We strive to reduce our environmental impact and try to offset our carbon footprint. With the collaboration of Bosques Sostenibles, a company specialized in environmental initiatives, ITASU has participated in the reforestation of the Iruelas Valley (Ávila), an area devastated by fires in 2019. ITASU’s objective is to have a neutral environmental impact in the development of its activity, with the planting and reforestation of those areas that need it most.

Ecomar Foundation

We like to go further. In addition, we have collaborated with the Ecomar Foundation for the care of our coasts. The Ecomar Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to education in the care of our seas, their flora and fauna. Ecomar promotes the care of the environment, healthy living habits and healthy life, developing activities with children to achieve a change of trend in society. They carry out environmental workshops, coastal cleanups, conferences, corporate volunteering, studies to learn how to take better care of the sea, among many other projects.