Success story

Valuation of a research company in the process of expansion, to avoid tax contingencies in the event of the departure of one of the partners.


Company in the field of data analysis and processing in the area of molecular research. One of the partners exercised his right to exit the company. In view of the discrepancies between the partners regarding the value of the shares, an independent valuation of the Company was requested, taking into account its market position, its economic situation and the impact of the subsidies received, thus avoiding possible future tax contingencies for the partner and the Company.

How we helped:

  • The Company’s market positioning and economic situation were analyzed, together with the impact of the subsidies received.
  • The projection made by the Company for the coming years on which the valuation would be based was reviewed and the necessary adjustments were made to reflect the Company’s reality.
  • In view of the irregularity of the business, the cycles through which the business was going were identified and normalized in order to obtain the Company’s future recurring data.
  • We helped to determine the best strategy to follow in order to make the claim together with the Company’s lawyers.


  • Valuation and projection criteria were unified for all partners.
  • Recurrent EBITDA was normalized.
  • And an adjusted valuation was obtained.