Success story

Preparation of financial information for the bankruptcy of a company in the construction sector


A company in the construction sector was going to file for insolvency proceedings. The situation of their financial documentation was not adequate, and they requested our intervention as independent professionals to analyze it and prepare all the necessary documentation to file for insolvency proceedings, thus avoiding future liability claims against the administrators.

How we helped:

  • Analysis of existing financial information.
  • Detection of the shortcomings and the points that could pose a problem in terms of presenting that financial information to the insolvency proceedings.
  • Establishment of an action plan to rectify all the points detected.
  • Reorganization of the financial information in accordance with the plan.
  • Once all the information had been put in order, preparation of all the supporting documentation for filing the insolvency proceedings with the court.


Correct handling of the company’s insolvency proceedings without imputation by the insolvency administrator of liability to the administrators.