Success story

Justification of the VAT to be applied in special operations carried out by a multinational company


Multinational company with businesses in different branches of activity was subject to a tax inspection in which it was claimed the application of different VATs in its invoicing. art of this turnover was made with a sector whose VAT was reduced and requested our intervention as independent experts to quantify and demonstrate the activity carried out for this activity, as well as the VAT to be applied.

How we helped:

  • The Company’s invoicing was analyzed, identifying the invoicing corresponding to the sector with reduced VAT.
  • All invoices made to customers in this sector were detailed and justified with supporting documentation.
  • The VAT to be applied to this activity was detailed.
  • The VAT for the rest of the activities was reconciled with the total declared by the company.


Recognition by the Tax Agency of the invoicing made with the special VAT for that branch of the Company’s activity.